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New Resident Evil’s Redeeming Feature

There’s always a reason to endure this crap every time another 90 minutes surfaces!


The Star Wars Undead

Here you go, nerds, Star Wars meets zombies… Nerdgasm!

Artist Jeff Hulligan came up with this – check out his Etsy page for more.


Zomboobies – Greatest Film Ever?

If this teaser pic is anything to go by…


Lust of the Dead

Fuck that Warhorse shit – this has everything. Film could possibly offer!


Monster Tit Sex Zombies

Because it’s important you know this exists!


Zombie Kama Sutra

I want a copy of this in my coffin when I die!







Zombie Gameboy

WordPress for iOS working again so I’m back and reporting from Germany, with a perfect start o Halloween…


Zombie Wedding Cake

The bride that allowed this needs to get a divorce and marry me!


Nudist Colony of the Dead

Here’s a film that had previously slipped under my radar, but I’m here to make sure it doesn’t slip under yours.

Here’s the IMDB synopsis:

Judge Rhinehole orders the Sunny Buttocks Nudist Camp closed down as an affront to the community. The members of the camp enter into a suicide pact, but vow to return for vengeance. Five years later, a group of campers on a retreat argue with each other about religion and sing big production numbers as the group begins experiencing an attrition problem.

Yes, it is about zombie nudists, but if you’re looking for sexy zombie kicks, you might be better off with something like Porn of the Dead – there’s too much strategically placed rotting flesh in this baby!


Swamphead: Reinventing the Zombie Genre!

I’m kind of bored of zombies (Hammer’s Plague of the Zombies aside), but a decapitated zombie head that’s been been in a lake for years sounds good.

Here’s the full synopsis:

“An ancient relic is found at the bottom of a local lake which resurrects the severed head of Robert Gross, aka Swamphead. A group of hapless teens come across the relic and their weekend camping trip becomes a nightmare of blood, feces, and more head than night in Tijuana. Can they destroy the zombie head or will they die trying?”

And here’s some pics: