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Liquid-Suited Superheroine Cosplay (Bit NSFW)

These very impressive shots of Catwoman, She-Hulk, Wonderwoman and more, all dressed in liquid paint, are from a 2015 calendar by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. Enjoy… 


Renaissance Wonderwoman

Not sure the Old Masters will be quaking in their boots. And her hotpants would surely look a bit out of place.


I Owe Wonderwoman an Apology!

Some time ago I belittled the then upcoming prospect of the new Wonderwoman series because of its apparent lack of hotpants.

Now that it’s no longer to be, and in a bid to reduce the guilt I now feel for speaking ill of the dead, I give you a picture that has recently surfaced that proves me bang wrong.

To all concerned, I am sorry.


First look at the new Wonderman

But where the bloody hell have the hotpants gone?