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Playmate Shay Maria in a R2D2 Swimsuit

That’s about as good a job as I’ve seen filling out one of these now-ubiquitous R2 swimsuits.


Girls of Geek 2012 Calendar Preview Pic

The Girls of Geek calendar celebrates the feminine side of the nerd, or, in other words, features scantily clad hot geeks.

Here’s a preview pic for the 2012 calendar, some of the proceeds of which will go to a breast cancer charity.

More here:


Shark vs Mermaid Swimsuit

My money’s on the shark…


Liz Hurley in a Swimsuit, Some Fruit & a Big Knife

Following my previous post regarding sauciness in The Sunday Times, it continues to attempt to plug the sexy-gap left by The News of the World by inserting a photo of Liz Hurley – in a swimsuit, spread across a kitchen surface strewn in fruit, with a big knife in her hand – into its Business Section no less. And check out the slutty heels completing the look!

I’m sure that gentlemen of a certain age will appreciate its reproduction here.