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This Week’s Sunday Times Porn

The last few weeks have seen some very tame content, and I was afraid that the News of the World’s ghost had been excorcised, but this week a fine piece of fine art turned up in The Sunday Times to allay my fears…


This Week’s Sunday Times Smut

This week, the Style section took it upon itself to fill the void left by The News of the World with more “fine art” nudity and some slutty fashion pics:





This Week’s Sunday Times Smut

As regular readers will know, I’ve noticed an increase in the level of smut published in The Sunday Times since the demise of the News of the Word.

This weeks lack of quantity is more than made up for by the quality of this full nude shot of no less than three models! Enjoy.


Smut Review: This Week’s Sunday Times (NSFW)

As I’ve mentioned before, since the demise of its sister paper, News of the World, The Sunday Times appears to have inherited a portion of its smut.

This week provided a bonanza, including full “fine art” nudity…





The Sunday Times Keeps It Saucy

Since the death of its sibling, The News of the World, I’m fairly sure that The Sunday Times has sauced up its content (which is fine for me, providing they don’t start branching into the celebrity shit gap it left too). Take a look at my previous posts for some examples.

This week’s content (so far) takes the form of a model bent double from behind and what appears to be full nudity… to introduce some shoes. Great work, and still marginally more respectable than a porno mag!



Liz Hurley in a Swimsuit, Some Fruit & a Big Knife

Following my previous post regarding sauciness in The Sunday Times, it continues to attempt to plug the sexy-gap left by The News of the World by inserting a photo of Liz Hurley – in a swimsuit, spread across a kitchen surface strewn in fruit, with a big knife in her hand – into its Business Section no less. And check out the slutty heels completing the look!

I’m sure that gentlemen of a certain age will appreciate its reproduction here.



I know there are far easier ways to get your funbag kicks, but you can’t beat the thrill of finding a surprise pair in a publication like The Sunday Times, particularly when they’re attacked to some hot young robot freak thing!