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Pamela Anderson – Photoshopped Old Hag Has a Friend (NSFW)

Look beyond the brushed-up old skank in the stripper gear and enjoy the red surprise in this Flaunt magazine highlight. 


Nerdgasm: Superhero Stripper

Apparently appeared when Captain America organised a stag night a few years ago. Called The Ecdysiast and she seems to wield a hairdryer!


Chewbacca Striptease

Okay, I’m not sure this is a stripper – there is a hint of some excess weight there, so I may be doing the burlesque movement a disservice…


Amazon Eve – World’s Tallest Model

This is Amazon Eve. In her stripper heels, she’s over seven feet tall, seemingly making her the world’s tallest model, and making it necessary for her to compare her size with other objects using the medium of bikini.