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Very Offensive Party Game

If your having a party this Christmas, be politically correct and get a game in that everyone can enjoy… Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Disturbing Christmas Picture

I like this post-modern twist on the traditional nativity scene.


Saucy New Human Centipede 2 Poster

Another new poster for the Human Centipede sequel.

And I think it’s a great piece of design… Still unconvinced about the actual film though!


What the Hell? Amputee Toilet “Porn”

Words can do this no justice!


The Human Centipede 2 Poster Revealed

The first film didn’t do a great deal for me; probably the lack of visual horror despite everything being in your face, although in reality having three people sewn together arse-to-mouth and all that entails is never going to meet expectations if it’s ever to get a commercial release.

So it pleased me to hear the the UK prudes have already banned the sequel. And this poster has a nice scary feel. Maybe these facts mean we’re in for something better second time around?


Norma Stitz: World’s Largest Breasts – Official!

I warned you!




If That’s His Mum… Sick!

If that’s his mum, he has a problem!

On the other hand, she is a MILF, so why not?


Human Art. With Tentacles!

Apparently art, by artist Monica Cook…


Holy Shit! What Happened To Her?

What. The. Fuck?


Bizarre Fashion: The Used Condom Skirt

I just keep wondering what this smells like. It must fucking stink.

I’d love to see the washing instructions, though any skank wearing that is unlikely to care less about being dirty!