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Great Art: Shark Devouring Nude

This kind of shot would have made Jaws even better, but there’s plenty of scope for the next Mega / Super / Jurassic shark to be inspired.

Sadly don’t know who the artist is to credit, but credit to them wherever they may roam all the same.


Carmen Electra & Brooke Hogan in 2 Headed Shark Attack

Another film I can’t wait for! The recently announced 2 Headed Shark Attack, a sure-fire straight-to-DVD masterpiece from the company behind Mega Piranha and Snakes on a Train, is out next January.

The blurb says: “A Semester at Sea ship is attacked and sunk by a mutated two-headed shark, and the survivors seek refuge on a deserted atoll. The coeds, however, are no longer safe when the atoll starts flooding.”

And it stars The Hulkster’s daughter, Brooke Hulkster, and former Baywatch and Playboy tart Carmen Electra.

Here’s some set pics of said stars, as well as the main attraction.




Shark vs Mermaid Swimsuit

My money’s on the shark…


Film of the Day: Jurassic Shark

Not many details on this so far, but I think it’s pretty clear what we’re getting.

Jurassic Shark is “the story of two groups of people — one, a group of students, the other, a group of criminals — who are shipwrecked on an island by a giant shark. The island was once used for illegal drilling, and the oil company inadvertantly released the giant shark from its slumber.”

Will it be as epic as Sharktopus et al?

The poster says yes!