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Very Disturbing Justin Bieber Fan

I’m not entirely sure who this guy is or what he does, but he seems to get around and this lunatic is definitely into him!


Tentacle Fisting Glove and Other Toys

Following on from my last post, here’s some more odd sex toys for your delight…

I am particularly fond of the wolf’s tooth dildo!





Dirty Ninja

Regular readers may be expecting a bit of explanation followed by a smutty picture, but there shall be no picture here for reasons that will become apparent, assuming that, like me, this particular practise is new to you…

According to the very useful online resource, Urban Dictionary, Dirty Ninja is:

A sexual act performed by a man for his partner. The man will shit on the face of his partner then wipe it off of the eyes in a horizontal direction with his penis. The partner will be left with a shit-mask resembling that of a ninja. Then, the man will insert his shit-covered cock into his partner’s mouth when they are least expecting it, thus leading the partner into a ninja-like attack stance by the sudden insertion.

Enjoy yourselves!

Fuck for Forest – Naughty Altar Sex Protest

A few posts ago, I reported on an eco activism group who raise awareness for the environment through sexual liberalisation (or exhibitionism).

Apparently public obscenity charges are nothing new to them, with most of their fund raising done through the sale of homemade porn filmed in public.

However, some of the group have now landed themselves in chokey for a recent protest against the Christian Church’s attitudes towards sex, after they invaded a service and started fucking on the altar!

See the evidence for yourself!



Fuck For Forest (sexual content)

Fuck For Forest is a “European” charity that uses sex to raise money for saving rain forests and stuff.

Seems like you send in dirty pictures and videos, and one way of another, they make money out of them. Or, in the words of the organisation, “by showing the beauty of love, nudity and real sexual adventures – we wish to direct attention to, and collect money for threatened nature.”

Find out more at, and look out for a topical post on them shortly…




Little Death Ray – Steampunk Dildo

This is a great love aid (as they used to say)! I especially like the way the faux-sensitivity of the polished cock-piece contrasts with the classic B-movie ray gun styling.

You could buy one here:

And here’s some pics…




Perfect Girlfriend Blow-Up Doll

Sorry girls, you’re now obsolete!


Pictures of the Week #10

This week we’ve got some sexy guys, bizarre sex toys, a great lookalike, nerds, vintage sexy sci fi and more.

Eels as Sex Toys

Probably for the best that you don’t use an eel as a sex toy! Eel inside

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