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Messed Up Japanese Love Doll

No words necessary. Just behold…


Muff Daddy Pussy Snorkel

It’s a great sex accessory, and gives me the kind of blog post title that brings all of you perverts to my page!


Santa Bullet Dildo

In the mood for some festive pleasure? Then you could do worse than getting one of these. Festive, discrete, and you can shove it up your growler!


Bizarre “Cup Nude” Sex Toy

Concluding this week’s study into unique sex toy propositions…


Big Black Booty Sex Toy

Whatever floats your boat…


Female Shrink Cunt Physical Therapy Ring

Now here’s an item!

Behold the Female Shrink Cunt Physical Therapy Ring, which, according to its Asian purveyor, goes inside the old axe wound where it delivers electric shocks to tighten it up.

Remember this one for a loved one at Christmas!


Assama Butt Laden – Butt Plug

Yes, now you can stick a sleek Bin Laden effigy up your jacksy.

And his isn’t the only one. More here:



Lady Nerdgasm – Dildo USB Drive

Meet Duet, a 16GB USB drive and vibrator!

It’s USB powered, comes in a variety of colours, and is waterproof so you can easily get the old snail trails off after use.

I’ll just be a bit more wary of borrowing a USB stick from now on!


Perfect Girlfriend Blow-Up Doll

Sorry girls, you’re now obsolete!


The Ultimate Bondage Mask? (Be Warned…)

Words fail me, so just enjoy!