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City of the Dead Remake… Unwanted, But Nice Dirty Poster!

City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel in the US), like the other 99%, doesn’t need a remake.

This early poster has tits and fanny (aka pussy in the US) to sweeten the taste of shit though.


The Munsters Remake… Please, No!

As many will already know, I’m not exactly a fan of retarded, unwanted, pointless remakes – if people can’t relate to genius as it was meant to be, whether there’s a mobile phone in it or not, then they don’t deserve any entertainment in their sorry lives.

So it’s with some degree of horror – and not in the way it’s intended – that I heard about the planned remake of The Munsters by populist panderers NBC…

The Hollywood Reporter states, “[Bryan] Fuller’s new look is said to be an edgier and slightly darker hourlong take exploring origins of Herman and Lily Munster (Fred Gwynneand Yvonne De Carlo) and how they arrived at the famed 1313 Mockingbird Lane address.”

That’s as may be, but what’s for sure is that it will never capture the atmosphere that made the original series so magical (just like the one-off colour version didn’t at the time or The Munsters Today in 1988).

What the fuck is wrong with people!

Here’s a reminder of what they’re missing…