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Bianca Beachamp’s Convincing Argument Against SOPA (NSFW)

Regardless of your views on piracy, SOPA / PIPA is generally an unwelcome, draconian measure…

As highlighted by this protest piece by hot, young(ish) porn-thing, Bianca Beachamp. The cheeky flash of neatly cropped pubes really won me over to her point of view!

Only in America!!!


Fuck for Forest – Naughty Altar Sex Protest

A few posts ago, I reported on an eco activism group who raise awareness for the environment through sexual liberalisation (or exhibitionism).

Apparently public obscenity charges are nothing new to them, with most of their fund raising done through the sale of homemade porn filmed in public.

However, some of the group have now landed themselves in chokey for a recent protest against the Christian Church’s attitudes towards sex, after they invaded a service and started fucking on the altar!

See the evidence for yourself!