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More PETA Sexy Madness

No idea who this latest nude “celebrity” in a PETA advert is, but she strikes a nice pose so I’ll keep eating my cheeseburgers while enjoying their smut for as long as they keep their screwball campaigns going!


PETA Porno Site

Apparently, sexy animal rights campaigners PETA are planning to launch the site, which will see the stop pussyfooting around with soft porn and use the hard stuff to convince us that meat isn’t delicious.

In the meantime, here’s another of their dirty protest messages.


PETA Naked Snaked Kelly Brook

I guess these PETA adverts work to some degree, although I don’t really see exactly where the desired return on investment would come from. And don’t get me started on exactly where they’re coming from in the first place!

But I’m not going to question a very top-heavy Kelly Brook body-painted as a snake, whatever the deluded intention…