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Vintage Occult Sex Magazines

I’m a great collector of rare and vintage horror comics and magazines, but this is a whole new genre to me, discovered during a recent Robed in Desire rehearsal, when we were looking for inspiration for a new song title, which itself was inspired by the classic horror film, Daughters of Satan.

I will certainly now be on the look out for these and their ilk in future, but in the meantime, here’s a few old occult sex mag examples so you can see what’s got me in the mood for this.



















Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team: Great Ghost Pic!

Not entirely sure where Ozark Mountain is, but assume it’s related to the Ozark Mountains right in the middle of America. Anyway, the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team were investigating a disturbed family home in Springfield (Ilinois, I also assume) and got the really sinister looking picture below…

“The first thing I want to do is disprove it.” said Robert McCall, sceptic and co-founder of the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team.*

“A lot of times people think there is a presence in the room and it turns out the room is where the breaker box is. Or your meters on the outside of the wall and there is a lot of energy there. Sometimes people think they are hearing things and it turns out they are just hearing things.”

Sounds sensible enough. On this case, he continues…

“All the lights were shut off and the doors were locked,” says Robert. ” I came around to lock up the front door and as soon as I turned the corner I heard a growling disturbance on my EVP and seen something darker then dark move around in the hallway so I just started taking pictures of a completely dark hallway with nobody there.”

It goes on…

“When I first seen the picture, I saw a reaper,” says McCall. “Typical of what you would think.” Now it almost looks like a mother and child.”

“First I thought that maybe he took a picture of himself in the mirror,” said Courtney Cunningham, another co-founder of the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team. “But when we switched it to black and white and filtered out some of the contrast I was terrified. And I was a huge disbeliever at first that picture changed my mind.”

And here it is. All credit to the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team.


Have I Caught a UFO on Film?

My mum lives across the road from the Cardington Hangers in Bedfordshire, UK – once famous for the likes of the R101 and more latterly for being where films like the last Batman or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were filmed.

For the last few weeks though, airships have reappeared again, and last Thursday I took a picture of the new Good Year one being tested.

As is often the case from an iPhone, it looks like it’s miles away, but the setting sun makes it a fairly nice picture anyway. You can see the airship in the sky on the left. But what’s the thing in the air next to the hangar on the right?

My first thought was bird, but I couldn’t see anything that would explain it when I looked up from the screen. The proportions look odd too for it to be a bird, but I’m no expert!

I’m not a UFO nerd either though, so over to you to decide!

Lights in the dungeon

This is my ghost story. It’s published in the ‘True Ghost Stories from Around the World’ iPhone App!

Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle Scotland

I visited Edinburgh Castle in December 2008 with my wife and 18 month old son. Pushchair access to the dungeon wasn’t great but I wanted a quick look, being of slightly macabre mind, so when my wife went to change the little fella’s nappy I ran down the steps for a quick look.

If I remember rightly, the dungeons were once used for housing prisoners of war or something similar, and there was a recreation of those conditions with rows of hammocks, benches and so on.

Only having a few seconds, I decided to take a photo to show my wife. The first attempt proved fruitless due to the flash being off and it being very dark. On trying again, the flash revealed a lot more than a row of hammocks! When you see the photo and take into account I was completely alone down there, I’m sure you’ll forgive my hasty exit!

Edinburgh Castle Dungeon

This complete story and hundreds more are available in True Ghost Stories from Around the World for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the App Store.

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