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Helly von Valentine – Priceless Zelda Cosplay (Very NSFW)

You can see why Link keeps coming back for more punishment every time there’s a new Legend of Zelda game!

But there’s more to this Princess Zelda cosplay than meets the eye, although you might argue there’s not a great deal that could possibly be left to the imagination! Actually, these glorious pics are just previews of a monthly Helly von Valentine Patreon-only set that’s sure to contain even more sauce than these!

If you’re desperate for the rest – and why wouldn’t you be – then be sure to head over here.

And here’s some bonus pics from a previous Gerudo Zelda set!

Check out more at her DeviantArt page too.

Beavers at Work – Naked Women Chopping Trees!

I have no context, explanation, time or place to offer here. Just a picture of loads of nude women chopping down a massive tree. Enjoy…

Very NSFW Tifa Lockhart Cosplay by Helly von Valentine

This has to be the very final fantasy for all you Final Fantasy nerds!

Helly von Valentine, aka Disharmonica, is without doubt the absolute finest cosplayer on the planet today. There’s no question that we’ll cover her Elvira, Nier Automata, Zelda, Mario and more work in future, but for now we’re going current affairs with one of gaming’s hottest right now, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7.

As said in the title, this is going to be NSFW, or put another way, an incredible piece of erotic cosplay art from one of its finest artists. Enjoy…

You can pick up the Tifa erocosplay hardback photobook from Helly’s Etsy site here.

Also be sure to check out Helly everywhere, maybe easing your way in with Instagram right here.

SkinDeep – Trapped in Plastic!

This is seriously cool – models wrapped in some very tight-fitting latex-type plasticky goo stuff. Or to put it more eloquently, the artist describes this as “a study on the body-object, ephemeral sculptures of the human form. Instant bas reliefs recalling of the classic imagery.”

Here’s a few tasters from the project…

The artist behind these is Julien Palast, and you can take a gander at the full set here or see more of Julien’s work here.

Nude in Mourning

Yes, it’s a lovely picture, but it also reflects several well-tread Robed in Desire themes, so now I have your attention, it would be great if you could go and Like my band…

In the meantime, enjoy some artistic semi-nudity:


Naked on the Catwalk

I’ve had the often-dubious pleasure of attending a few fashion shows in my time, and generally if you want a bit of nude model action you need to sniff around backstage. Unless you’re at this one…



Nude Kung-Fu Midgets With Guns

Not picking up the kung-fu vibe particularly, but what the hell!


Great Art: Shark Devouring Nude

This kind of shot would have made Jaws even better, but there’s plenty of scope for the next Mega / Super / Jurassic shark to be inspired.

Sadly don’t know who the artist is to credit, but credit to them wherever they may roam all the same.


This Week’s Sunday Times Porn

The last few weeks have seen some very tame content, and I was afraid that the News of the World’s ghost had been excorcised, but this week a fine piece of fine art turned up in The Sunday Times to allay my fears…


Treats Magazine – Fashion or Porn?

As I’ve reported before, fashion magazines often provide an acceptable alternative to porn in our household. But this editorial from “fashion” magazine Treats appears to have less relevance to clothing than even I’m used to!