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Horse Does Super Mario Cosplay

I don’t like horses, so no issue with this one feeling sorry for itself and looking humiliated.


It’s Been Ages, so… Pokemon Curry!

I’ve left this dormant for months but thousands still take the time to visit, so as a thank you, please enjoy. Thank you. Please. Thank you.


Nerdgasm: Super Mario Bodypaint (NSFW)

This girl’s really made an effort for Halloween. Not sure the nerd’s idea of foreplay is going to get him far though!


Zombie Gameboy

WordPress for iOS working again so I’m back and reporting from Germany, with a perfect start o Halloween…


Gameboy Condoms

The chances of anyone remotely interested in these getting any use out of them is slim, but I like the idea of a little Gameboy box with some dirty cartridges inside!



Latex Super Mario Costume

If Super Mario is your fetish, why not try this latex costume?

Available from:


Nerdgasm: Gameboy Swimsuit

Swimwear just got nerdier!

Or at least it did for a while, until Nintendo got it pulled…

And they wonder why no one is buying 3DS. Miserable bastards!



Pac-Man Butt Tattoo vs Super Mario Pussy Tattoo

I think I’m leaning towards Mario as the winner in this case…



Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings vs Insane Tattoo!

These polymer clay piranha plant earrings are the perfect way for the female nerd to pay homage to Super Mario…

And are a much less drastic way of showing your love for Super Mario nasties than the insane tattoo accompanying them here!



Super Mario Ghostbusters

Absolutely love this retro 8-bit rendition of the Ghostbusters in a Super Mario style by Jesus Castañeda