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My Little Leia – Disturbance in the Force!

Something sinister about this Princess Leia My Little Pony mod. Could be that it looks like a cows face.


Sexy My Little Pony Transformer Body-Paint

It’s been a while, so here’s something spectacular to make up for it!


My Little Cthulhu

Should make you Brony’s feel a little less like the pervs you are.

It’s actually from a new series of toys and animations from Bigshot Toyworks to promote their new Friendship is Maddness line.


Dr Manhattan Gets BJ From My Little Pony (NSFW)

Nothing more to add…


300… My Little Ponies vs Pokemon???

What a great concept. My money’s on the ponies. They look quite hard.


Boba Fett Mans-Up My Little Pony

My Little Pony, skinny and bony, made out of plastic, just like a spast… Not any more!


My Little Death Ray

While I was “researching” my last post – the one about the steampunk dildo – I came across this insane little beauty too!