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Another Picdump

Pictures I’ve taken or come across recently that floated my boat, including a few choice memories of Electronica in Munich last week…




Munich Airport: Pornos

More from my trip back from Germany… There was a tiny shop near the departure gate that sold just a handful of magazines, but saw fit to put Super Naturals in the most prominent spot possible.

Got to love Germany for its blatant nudity, but what the fuck is that on the cover?


Munich Airport: Travel Pussy

I just got back from Germany, and wanted to share this photo I took in the men’s bogs in Munich Airport – an act I’m not generally guilty of!

This is a condom machine, though the usual selection of featherlite, ribbed, fruit-scented, etc. has been replaced by one johnny choice and a selection of love aids for the solo male traveller…

Behold, the Travel Pussy!


My trip to Germany in three pictures

This week’s trip to Munich, summarised by Heathrow Terminal 5, a Munich pub sign and the moon from the flight home.