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Mortal Kombat Cosplay – Done Right and Very Wrong!

Which is which for you?



Video Games Get Really Saucy

As a young Vic20 owner, I looked enviously on as bigger boys enjoyed Sam Fox Strip Poker on the Commodore 64, and whilst I could still get my kicks out of Barbarian posters (and I’m talking about Maria Whittaker and not Wolf from Gladiators), I never dreamt what could be possible when 2011 came…

Mortal Kombat and Saints Row 3. Better than reality?

Have a look at these screen grabs, one of which I proudly produced myself, and decide!



Pictures of the Week #13

One of the attractions I’ve obviously been missing in MMA, some differing views on piracy, a snap I took from the new Mortal Kombat trailer that inspires me to try it out, and other mixed madness.