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Vampirella vs Reanimator

I do wonder how I miss things like this… for almost two years it seems!

This is a 4-part crossover from Dynamite, where you’ve got Herbert West reanimating an Aztec god of death that only a vampire woman with a bit of string for a swimsuit can stop!

And it’s all available now as a 104 page collected issue, so missing out for all that time wasn’t the end of the world. Just like the Aztec god of death. As usual, some nice cosplay covers as well as the standard sauce. Now fill your wellies with some of them…

Cthulhumas Wreath-Creature

Better than that spiky tree and fruit crap. Created by a clever dude called Maika Keuben. More here:


Teenage Cthulu

Nice to know he was just as cool before the death began.


Elvis vs Cthulu – The Greatest Film Never Made!

If it was real, I would have watched it more times than I have National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Spinal Tap combined!