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Smartphone Lingerie

Bandai Japan (where else?) provides the ideal way to sex up you phone and / or keep its private parts private with these beauties!


Super Ass (Arse)

A pair of panties never had a more deserving owner.


Nerdgasm: Wonder Woman Lingerie Coming Soon

Ever seen such a classy set of superhero lingerie? Apparently it can be all yours… Soon!


Hot Munster MILF Action

This may be the greatest MILF of all time, at least if you have vaguely gothic leanings like me!

Thanks to my partner in all kinds of crimes, Mr Rob Hodgson, for the find.


Woman in Lingerie Playing Vintage Pac-Man Cabinet

I’d love one of those machines!


Pussy Bra

Well, what were you expecting?


Woman in Thong Avoids Police

No idea what this woman’s done, but she’s obviously in a hurry not to get caught given her state of undress!


Bride Shows Off Pubes in Online Wedding Album

I have to admit that, lesbian interests aside, I’ve really never got the whole bride parading around in her sluttiest lingerie while her mum and a bridal entourage “help” her get dressed; it’s pretty twisted!

However, this bride has gone a step further and had a professional photographer take photos of this bizarre ritual and included them in her online wedding album!

At least she had the decency to give herself a tidy trim before showing off her see-through knickers!





Strapless Panties

Not that this affects me in the least, but this seems a lot of hassle just so you can dress like a slut once they’re on!


Angle Grinder Sparks Up Her Arse

Not sure why you’d want to climb a ladder and let some beefcake do this to you, but it’s a good photo all the same!