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Darth Leia – Sith Cosplay by PurpleMuffinz

Slave Leia is the best. We all know that. But Sith Leia is a close second, and let’s face it, makes a nice change from time to time.

PurpleMuffinz is a wonderful creator of latex, cosplay and alt-fashion gear. Amen. And she can’t half model it too! You’ll find her Patreon right here and on Twitter @Purple_muffinz.

She does a mean Lara Croft too!

Lara Croft Models in Latex

What a great concept!

Get every Lara Croft model together, stick then in skintight latex, and take some photos…




Pictures of the Week #16

Demotivators, hotness of all kinds, a nice ring, the new Tomb Raider and all sorts of other nastiness in this number edition.