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Leather Makes Kelly Brook a Great Actress

A leather catsuit is a great way for any, erm, actress to take her career to the next level, as these shots from Kelly Brook’s new show, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, pertain.






PETA Naked Snaked Kelly Brook

I guess these PETA adverts work to some degree, although I don’t really see exactly where the desired return on investment would come from. And don’t get me started on exactly where they’re coming from in the first place!

But I’m not going to question a very top-heavy Kelly Brook body-painted as a snake, whatever the deluded intention…


Kelly Brook in a Bath Gone Bad

On the one hand, there’s a lot not to complain about in this pic, but her dodgy face goes to show that even the most glamourous can come across as a bit of a moose sometimes!


New Lynx Ads… I’m Nearly Buying It

Dear Lynx, if only your product was more effective and smelled better, then this would definitely hook me into your brand. Great effort though!

How to launch a magazine (NSFW)

Genius. Get Kelly Brook to pose completely starkers, cover her in blood, and charge about fifteen quid a copy! Well done, Exhibition!