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Hello Kittypede Enamel Pin!!!

I love Creepy Company, and this new addition to their range says why. The Hello Kittypede 3.0 enamel pin comes in “Kitty Litter Glitter” grit white enamel, and is the work of artist Ed Harrington. Very nice for the price – just $11.99 here.

Rice Krispies Human Centipede

I’ve not idea why, but this is great all the same!


Saucy New Human Centipede 2 Poster

Another new poster for the Human Centipede sequel.

And I think it’s a great piece of design… Still unconvinced about the actual film though!


The Human Centipede 2 Poster Revealed

The first film didn’t do a great deal for me; probably the lack of visual horror despite everything being in your face, although in reality having three people sewn together arse-to-mouth and all that entails is never going to meet expectations if it’s ever to get a commercial release.

So it pleased me to hear the the UK prudes have already banned the sequel. And this poster has a nice scary feel. Maybe these facts mean we’re in for something better second time around?