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Marvel x Post-Punk Icons

Another post-punk Marvel mash-up has been long overdue – since 2013, in fact, when Brazilian artist Butcher Billy did it last. This time he offers us Ian Curtis as Spiderman, Big Bob Smith as  Nightcrawler, Siouxsie as Scarlet and The Moz as The Hulk. There’s also The Numanoid as a superhero I don’t recognise – I’m really not as hot on Marvel as I am post-punk! 

Hopefully in 2017 the next lot will include Robed in Desire, who I’m told are also post-punk icons….



Hulk, Batman & Robin in 8-Bit

Following on from my previous post on his 8-bit Ghostbusters, here’s a couple more of Batman, Robin and The Hulkster by Jesus Castaneda. Sweet…



Pictures of the Week #6

Tom Selleck tattoo, a coffin maker’s sexy calendar and other stuff that caught my eye recently.