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Hello Kittypede Enamel Pin!!!

I love Creepy Company, and this new addition to their range says why. The Hello Kittypede 3.0 enamel pin comes in “Kitty Litter Glitter” grit white enamel, and is the work of artist Ed Harrington. Very nice for the price – just $11.99 here.

Hello Kitty Slave Leia Model

How many of you pervs are now disappointed you clicked this? Actually, a real pervert would be right into it!


Hello Kitty Sushi Moulds

I hate seafood of any kind, but still can’t resist these charming Hello Kitty sushi moulds. Thank you Japan!



Cthulhu Does Cartoons

I know there’s a few of these kicking around, but here’s a selection of my favourite cartoon characters that have been Cthulhu’d up.