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Vintage Beauty

I’m not really one for the 1920’s lady, but this picture of Marion Benda, care of The New York Public Library, may change my mind… She’s a right old stunner and knows exactly how to do her eyes. And pout – no duck-face shit here! I wonder if she’s still around?


Bikini Ice Fishing Team

They bait their hooks, drill some holes in the ice, and wait for a bite, just like the normal ice fishing weirdoes, but they do it in bikinis.

And they do a slutty calendar!

Most definitely something dirty about a woman fishing, especially when it gets extreme like this!




Vintage Dalek Glamour

Seems like the Daleks are old hands at sexy photography, as this vintage shot proves.

Try Google for more up to date stuff – this page is close enough to being porn already!


Amazon Eve – World’s Tallest Model

This is Amazon Eve. In her stripper heels, she’s over seven feet tall, seemingly making her the world’s tallest model, and making it necessary for her to compare her size with other objects using the medium of bikini.



Zombie Pin-Up Girls

Apparently “where beauty eats braaaaiinns,” but despite the clash of two of my favourite subjects, I can’t say I’m that impressed with this calendar. Particularly the Christmas one!