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SkinDeep – Trapped in Plastic!

This is seriously cool – models wrapped in some very tight-fitting latex-type plasticky goo stuff. Or to put it more eloquently, the artist describes this as “a study on the body-object, ephemeral sculptures of the human form. Instant bas reliefs recalling of the classic imagery.”

Here’s a few tasters from the project…

The artist behind these is Julien Palast, and you can take a gander at the full set here or see more of Julien’s work here.

Human Ponies and Riders

Sometimes Twitter turns up some great new friends. Like this one. Maybe it feels I’m missing out on something. Or just wanted to gift me a load of pervs now reading my page here and giving me a stats boost.

Regardless, feel free to follow the link if it floats your boat.


Leather Horse Mask

If you’re as into horse fetish gear as I am, then you need to get one of these. Also ideal for the fantasy nerd in your life who has everything. Including a horse!

And as always, I look forward to the WordPress stats on what weirdos have used to find this post on Google!!!


Bottle of Japanese Schoolgirl Armpit Scent Anyone?

Real scent of girl, and discreet shipping!


Insane Horse Fetish Gear

That’s my Christmas party outfit sorted!


Nude Kung-Fu Midgets With Guns

Not picking up the kung-fu vibe particularly, but what the hell!


Mental Fetish Suit… Real Human Pony!

Excellent craftsmanship in that mask!


Remote Control Fantasy Panties for Fatties

What’s the remote control controlling? Some kind of food insertion?


Nerdgasm: Latex Batgirl (Fixed)

Nerds, enjoy!

Update: Strange things went on with the previous latex Batgirl, so here’s an alternative. Sorry for any inconvenience before!


Sex Doll Suit

Don’t get this. Surely it can answer back?