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The Only Disney Princess That Matters Now

Disney is slowly breaking down my barriers. 

CinderLeia Cosplay

Not done a cosplay story for a while; actually, posts in general have been a bit sparse… Anyway, this is as good a reason as any to get down with the sickness again.

This lady”s called Kat Curtis, and she’s mashed up Cinderella with Slave Leia. Or she’s stuck a bit of blue on a metal bikini. Who really cares?


Vorhees Takes Out Snow White

I’d watch it.


Disney Does Slashers

Here’s a great mash-up by artist Brian Chi over at DeviantArt.

More of his stuff here:


Topless Woman in The Rescuers

You may have seen this before – it was discovered when it came out on VHS in 1990 – but it was new to me.

This is the topless woman hidden in Disney’s The Rescuers…



Zombie Snow White iPad Decal

I’m not usually one for defacing iPads and the like, but I have to admit that this is cool!