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Darth Vader Cuddles Unicorn

Pictures like this make the world a better place.


Steampunk Darth Vader

The Steampunk movement continues to grow on me…


His Holiness Pope Vader

Not sure whether Darth or the real deal would be the lesser of the two evils…


Skywalker Not A Streetwalker

Darth lays down the law.


Sexy Stormtrooper Cosplayer Gets Vader Boob Grab

Given the popularity of my dirty Stormtrooper cosplay post, I thought I’d give give you this new one I came across today.

Maybe a bit more modest than some of the others, but nonetheless at least as dirty in her own way. Or at least the big guy behind her thinks so!


Nerdgasm: Tattooed Woman on Bog in Vader Mask

There’s very little more you could ask of a woman…