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Nerds Respond to Saucy / Dog Cosplay

This is either real or someone knows their nerds. 


Liquid-Suited Superheroine Cosplay (Bit NSFW)

These very impressive shots of Catwoman, She-Hulk, Wonderwoman and more, all dressed in liquid paint, are from a 2015 calendar by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. Enjoy… 


The Hottest Wonder Woman Cosplay You’ll See Today

Here you go, pervs. Though technically speaking this is Wonder Wobear, her hairier sister I assume.


Tron Cosplaying Dog

I hate dogs. But I like Tron.


Horse Does Super Mario Cosplay

I don’t like horses, so no issue with this one feeling sorry for itself and looking humiliated.


Stunning Mystique Cosplay

Takes balls to go out and about dressed like that. And this young lady, Sam Cooke, clearly has a pair.


Amazing Iron Man Cosplay

And what I mean by “amazing” is worst ever…


CinderLeia Cosplay

Not done a cosplay story for a while; actually, posts in general have been a bit sparse… Anyway, this is as good a reason as any to get down with the sickness again.

This lady”s called Kat Curtis, and she’s mashed up Cinderella with Slave Leia. Or she’s stuck a bit of blue on a metal bikini. Who really cares?


Amazing KISS Make-up

The man’s a genius…


Slave Leia Fighting Uhura Fantasy Cosplay

You’re welcome, nerds…