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Jessica Nigri – Animal Crossing Tom Nook Cosplay (NSFW)

Fantastic set of homemade Tom Nook “outfits” that you’re thankfully unlikely to see him wearing in Animal Crossing. There are few better than Jessica Nigri at this stuff, and you’ll find her here on Instagram.

Very NSFW Tifa Lockhart Cosplay by Helly von Valentine

This has to be the very final fantasy for all you Final Fantasy nerds!

Helly von Valentine, aka Disharmonica, is without doubt the absolute finest cosplayer on the planet today. There’s no question that we’ll cover her Elvira, Nier Automata, Zelda, Mario and more work in future, but for now we’re going current affairs with one of gaming’s hottest right now, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7.

As said in the title, this is going to be NSFW, or put another way, an incredible piece of erotic cosplay art from one of its finest artists. Enjoy…

You can pick up the Tifa erocosplay hardback photobook from Helly’s Etsy site here.

Also be sure to check out Helly everywhere, maybe easing your way in with Instagram right here.

Liz Katz Donkey Kong Minidress Sauciness

Quick one for you retro-gaming nerds… this is cosplay model Liz Katz in a skin-tight Donkey Kong minidress. As always, you are welcome.

June 2020 Vampirella, Red Sonja & Dejah Thoris Cosplay Covers

Dynamite Entertainment have offered a peek into their June 2020 Cosplay Variant Covers for Vampirella, Vengence of Vampirella, Vampirella / Red Sonja (the hottest comic book team-up of all time ever!), Red Sonja, Red Sonja: Age of Chaos and Dejah Thoris…

I’m more perv than nerd, and hadn’t heard of Dejah Thoris before, but turns out she’s from Edgar Rice Burrough’s books about Mars where she’s a princess. And her knockers are far bigger than those of her cosplay cover variant below (when we eventually get there)!

Back to those June 2020 covers…

While we were getting acquainted with Dejah Thoris a little earlier, I also discovered another hot team up from the past featuring her and Vampirella, and they had cosplay covers for those too, so here you go, fellow pervs!

Nerds Respond to Saucy / Dog Cosplay

This is either real or someone knows their nerds. 


Liquid-Suited Superheroine Cosplay (Bit NSFW)

These very impressive shots of Catwoman, She-Hulk, Wonderwoman and more, all dressed in liquid paint, are from a 2015 calendar by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. Enjoy… 


The Hottest Wonder Woman Cosplay You’ll See Today

Here you go, pervs. Though technically speaking this is Wonder Wobear, her hairier sister I assume.


Tron Cosplaying Dog

I hate dogs. But I like Tron.


Horse Does Super Mario Cosplay

I don’t like horses, so no issue with this one feeling sorry for itself and looking humiliated.


Stunning Mystique Cosplay

Takes balls to go out and about dressed like that. And this young lady, Sam Cooke, clearly has a pair.