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Vampirella vs Reanimator

I do wonder how I miss things like this… for almost two years it seems!

This is a 4-part crossover from Dynamite, where you’ve got Herbert West reanimating an Aztec god of death that only a vampire woman with a bit of string for a swimsuit can stop!

And it’s all available now as a 104 page collected issue, so missing out for all that time wasn’t the end of the world. Just like the Aztec god of death. As usual, some nice cosplay covers as well as the standard sauce. Now fill your wellies with some of them…

Vampirella 50th Anniversary Lithographs

Vampirella at 50 years old must be the ultimate cougar. To celebrate this, and her 50th anniversary in general, Lucio Parrillo’s iconic covers for Vampirella #21 and Vampirella #30 have been made available as high quality lithograph prints.

If you’re lucky you might still be able to pick one up for $49.99 or equivalent at your favourite comic book store, but if not, here’s what you’re missing…

The Art of Vampirella 50th Anniversary Poster Book

This sauce-pot looks great for 50 years old. Something I’ll be saying about myself in a couple of years too, no doubt!


To celebrate her anniversary, Dynamite have got a poster book coming in October with 24 covers from the likes of rank Cho, Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, Adam Hughes, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Fay Dalton, Guillem March, Derrick Chew, Tyler Kirkham, Warren Louw, Joshua Middleton, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Joseph Michael Linsner, Billy Tucci, Terry Dodson, Jenny Frison, J. Scott Campbell, Lucio Parrillo, Jee-Hyung Lee, Milo Manara, Adam Hughes, Art Adams and Jay Anacleto.

Apparently everything will be easily removable for pervs to take out and stick on their bedroom wall as 12×16 inch posters. Here’s a few examples of what’s coming…



Red Sonja Cosplay Takes Skill

…and this lady apparently has the skills!


Vintage Comic Cover Hype

There was a time when comic book covers properly hyped up the reader rather than simply being a artistic representation of what was inside.

Here’s a few examples of some classics!