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Liquid-Suited Superheroine Cosplay (Bit NSFW)

These very impressive shots of Catwoman, She-Hulk, Wonderwoman and more, all dressed in liquid paint, are from a 2015 calendar by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. Enjoy… 


Super-Hot Catwoman Cosplay

We’ve had Poison Ivy and The Rocketeer representing white-hot cosplay over the last couple of days, but does this Catwoman win out? She certainly has the biggest knockers of the three!


Batman and Catwoman in the Sexy Scene From Ghost

One for all you nerd romantics (you heard it hear first)!

Okay, Batman is no Swayze, and it would be a bit shit if he died, but I’d rather see Catwoman doing the dirty than that pasty-faced old skank.


Best Catwoman Cosplay Pic Ever!

Dark Knight Rises production team, please note that this is what your fan base really wants from Catwoman, ideally also covered in unspecified white fluid.

You still have time to fix your wrongdoings!


Comic Con Catwoman Thing Cosplay… And Thing!

Whilst I fully can appreciate certain qualities attached to this female cosplayer at this year’s Comic Con, what the fuck is the uber-nerd with her all about?


Anne Hathaway as Catwoman – First Picture

The good news is that this is an official photo.

The bad news is that her catsuit is looking a bit loose around the shoulders. Hopefully it’s just the way she’s positioned on the bike, and once she gets off and gives us a pose, all will be well in Gotham again.