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Bark at the Spoon – Amazing Ozzy Cake!

Until the Lionel Ritchie “Hello” head cake is invented, this is a nice alternative for weddings or special birthdays.


Zombie Wedding Cake

The bride that allowed this needs to get a divorce and marry me!


Porno Bithday Cake

Want a lick of the icing?


World’s Scariest Cake

I know it’s irrational, but the more I look at this photo, the more disturbing the cake gets… It’s all wrong on so many levels!


Beatles Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

As I’ve still not come across a Lionel Ritchie “Hello” head wedding cake, I’ll concede that this is pretty cool!

Pictures from the creator, Carla Ikeda, on Flickr:
Bolo Yellow Submarine para matéria do Jornal da Tarde ( Yellow Submarine cake for the Jornal da Tarde Newspaper)