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Liz Katz Donkey Kong Minidress Sauciness

Quick one for you retro-gaming nerds… this is cosplay model Liz Katz in a skin-tight Donkey Kong minidress. As always, you are welcome.

Sexy Beach Fast Food

There’s a lot of bizarre junk on the Apple App Store. This is a new find called Sexy Beach Fast Food. I can’t describe this any better than the official App description:

In Sexy beach fast food you’ll enjoy 64 restaurant levels, challenge stages across 8 mission. Prepare 30 different recipes, and upgrade your restaurants. While cooking all those tasty recipes, you get to serve many sexy customers. Have fun playing Sexy beach fast food, the time management cooking game for food lovers! The all of levels are free but it is locked, with collecting a gem during play each level or an in-game purchase available to unlock the all of level in all missions. Enjoy Sexy beach fast food , an amazing time management cooking game

DASH THROUGH 8 MISSIONS, cook in beautiful beach and sexy customers, complete 64 levels, and extra challenging time attack mode.

BECOME A CHEF, master your skills in this cooking game, and cook three star for your sexy customers.

RUN YOUR SUN SHINE DAY and serve food in a variety of fast food recipes in many beautiful beach.

COLLECT GEMS & buy decorations.

PLAY A TIME ATTACK MODE, to compete for the best score in the World Ranging Board!

There you have it. Make sexy food for sexy people. On a beach. Or something. I just wonder who the target audience is. Time management cooking games aren’t exactly the domain of the nerdy saddo that gets their kicks out of bug-eyed, big breasted Japanese schoolgirls in skimpy bikinis. And I can’t see your average hairdresser being into the knocker intrusion in their time management cooking game on their sun shine day. Who knows, who cares, but here’s some more of what you pervs are really interested in…

Vampirella Cosplay by MilliganVick

It’s been a while, so I’ll attempt to win some cheap, busty brownie points with this incredible Vampirella cosplay from Milligan Vick. I’m not that cheap though… support Victoria here:

группа вк|

And now your pics…

Greatest Game Name on iOS! Zombie Goddess…

Zombie Goddess – Fantasy Apocalypse Game Attack Fight Slash Evil Slayer with Sword when Angry was unleashed on the App Store today. It features “the hot chick from Resident Evil without the guns” and you can turn on a “breast jiggle” feature. And it’s free!


Madelyne Pryor – Dirtiest Cosplay Ever?

It certainly is!


Zomboobies – Greatest Film Ever?

If this teaser pic is anything to go by…


Arianny Celeste’s Amazing Cleavage

I think this lady has something to do with UFC. One thing’s for sure – her knockers look amazing in that top!


Ass-tastic Soul Calibur V Advert

Following on from my recent post on the controversial Soul Calibur V Japanese advert featuring a massive pair of knockers, here’s the latest in the campaign…

Definitely looking forward to the next one!


City of the Dead Remake… Unwanted, But Nice Dirty Poster!

City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel in the US), like the other 99%, doesn’t need a remake.

This early poster has tits and fanny (aka pussy in the US) to sweeten the taste of shit though.


Boob-tastic Soul Calibur V Advert

I love Japanese newspapers…

Completely insane, you read them backwards, and they have smutty adverts like this for video games that feature massive-titted hotties beating shit out of each other with massive swords!