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LeeAnna Vamp Boba Fett Cosplay

LeeAnna Vamp is unquestionably my favourite Star Wars cosplayer… although to spice things up I’m going to Google “Helly von Valentine Star Wars” before I finish up here and see if that can’t change my mind!

Until then, let’s check out her form. Her stormtrooper cosplay is sublime…

She’s also done a unique take on Princess Leia…

There was her gender-bending Han Solo…

Then there was the time she wore an R2D2 swimsuit!

Okay, that’s stretching the definition of cosplay a bit, so let’s finish this introduction with something proper hardcore…

Not sure anything is going to top her Sith, but I was recently intrigued to see she’d done some Boba Fett too. Having now reviewed this in minute detail, I’ve concluded that the effectiveness of the armour is questionable, but otherwise there’s not much to dislike! Credit to ModelMosa for some of these.

Oh yeah, Helly von Valentine Star Wars. It’s not her finest work (see here for that!) but she’s done a couple of things…

Boba Fett Mans-Up My Little Pony

My Little Pony, skinny and bony, made out of plastic, just like a spast… Not any more!


Boba Fett Bodypaint Fetish

These two have an interesting sex life!



Viking Boba Fett Helmet

Nice but pointless…

Find out more about the artist Brian McCue here:


Scary Body Paint Boba Fett Cosplay

More scary cosplay, this time courtesy of a galactic bounty hunter fan.

Something’s just not right about this cosplayer to me, though it’s a sound concept!


Nerdgasm: Boba Fett Bodypaint Cosplay

Slightly strange proportions, but bloody hell, good effort!