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Super Ass (Arse)

A pair of panties never had a more deserving owner.


Nice Ars… I Mean, Inflatable! (NSFW)

Riding that must be great fun!


Is The Firework Really Up Her Arse?

At first glance, thus girl looks like a lot of fun…

But the more I look, the less I’m sure whether the rocket is actually in her jacksy, or just in the ground behind it.


Battle of the Perfect Women

Gents, you’ve got to choose one of the following…

Hottie bending over to make her Lego Star Wars model, or big rack welcoming you with beer and pizza.

I reckon the Star Wars girl is probably a keeper, but the beer girl would be a party you need to be at!

What do you reckon?



Angle Grinder Sparks Up Her Arse

Not sure why you’d want to climb a ladder and let some beefcake do this to you, but it’s a good photo all the same!


Tits on an Arse

A great piece of body painting and the best of all worlds to boot!


Pac-Man Butt Tattoo vs Super Mario Pussy Tattoo

I think I’m leaning towards Mario as the winner in this case…



Liz Hurley Arse Stalker

Perfect timing, or he’s a zombie!


Kate Beckinsale Gets TSA Pat-Down

There’s no doubt I’d be tempted to check out her intimate areas for illicit items too, given the chance, so I’m not going to further ridicule America’s lunatic airport security… But just check out the lesbian at the back longing for a piece of that arse too!


Snap a Sexy Bum Without Shame

Betting firm Betfair have secured the rights to a couple of beach volleyball player’s arses, sticking QR codes on them so you can snap away with a smartphone to find out about whatever it is they’re flogging, but more importantly, photograph a sexy derrière without guilt or consequence!

The cheeky codes have been placed on the bikini bottoms of British duo Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin and they’ll be on show at this week’s test London 2012 beach volleyball tournament at Horse Guards Parade in London.