LeeAnna Vamp Boba Fett Cosplay

LeeAnna Vamp is unquestionably my favourite Star Wars cosplayer… although to spice things up I’m going to Google “Helly von Valentine Star Wars” before I finish up here and see if that can’t change my mind!

Until then, let’s check out her form. Her stormtrooper cosplay is sublime…

She’s also done a unique take on Princess Leia…

There was her gender-bending Han Solo…

Then there was the time she wore an R2D2 swimsuit!

Okay, that’s stretching the definition of cosplay a bit, so let’s finish this introduction with something proper hardcore…

Not sure anything is going to top her Sith, but I was recently intrigued to see she’d done some Boba Fett too. Having now reviewed this in minute detail, I’ve concluded that the effectiveness of the armour is questionable, but otherwise there’s not much to dislike! Credit to ModelMosa for some of these.

Oh yeah, Helly von Valentine Star Wars. It’s not her finest work (see here for that!) but she’s done a couple of things…

Darth Leia – Sith Cosplay by PurpleMuffinz

Slave Leia is the best. We all know that. But Sith Leia is a close second, and let’s face it, makes a nice change from time to time.

PurpleMuffinz is a wonderful creator of latex, cosplay and alt-fashion gear. Amen. And she can’t half model it too! You’ll find her Patreon right here and on Twitter @Purple_muffinz.

She does a mean Lara Croft too!

Street Fighter V Chun-Li Beach Statues

Here’s a couple of things you Street Fighter pervs are going to love having on display in your parent’s basement!

At only $455 each, while their limited stocks last, Sideshow and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have two new 1:4 scale Chun-Li statues…

First up is the Street Fighter V Season Pass statue.

Then we have the a Player Two Battle EX variant.

I think I got those the right way around, but you get the message if not. And you can get your dirty mitts on them from here.

Rediscovering Lego 6611 Fire Chief’s Car

Quick post on something far more innocent than you’ll usually find here, but something I came across recently that I used to love and now I love again!

Behold the Lego Fire Chief’s Car, or LEGO 6611 Fire Chief’s Car for you Lego nerds (although there may be an argument about the term “Chief” rather than “Ranger” but I’m staying out of that can of worms).

Unfortunately the top of the box is knackered, but all 20 bits have been transported intact from 1981, as have the rather lovely instructions.

I’m no Lego expert – though I did get through quite a lot of it in the late seventies and early eighties – but my impression is that the coming of the chair, like the one in this set, was a real game changer; it meant that the figure that came with the car could actually drive it, unlike sets like the LEGO 608-2 taxi. Sets like this were arguably more complex, but your little Lego person was just an unrealistically large accessory, especially in the pocket money sets like this.

What I loved about these sets was the alternate builds shown on the back that extended your enjoyment of the set. In this set we’ve got a sporty little number; we’ve got something that looks like he’s driving on the back of one of those Fischer Price pull-a-long phones with the moving eyes that got ruined by the PC era and its non-strangulation but also non-fun cords; and, somewhat disappointingly, though I’m sure I tried it, we’ve got the steering wheel on the small flat bit that was the car chassis. I’d love to know what that was supposed to be, but it was clearly impressive enough to take up two picture spaces on the box with the fire guy in different poses to show off its questionable utility!

Let’s finish off with a picture of the finished product, which now it’s been resurrected is sitting in pride of place on my home office desk!

I like doing this kind of post. I might do some more!

Jessica Nigri – Animal Crossing Tom Nook Cosplay (NSFW)

Fantastic set of homemade Tom Nook “outfits” that you’re thankfully unlikely to see him wearing in Animal Crossing. There are few better than Jessica Nigri at this stuff, and you’ll find her here on Instagram.

Very NSFW Tifa Lockhart Cosplay by Helly von Valentine

This has to be the very final fantasy for all you Final Fantasy nerds!

Helly von Valentine, aka Disharmonica, is without doubt the absolute finest cosplayer on the planet today. There’s no question that we’ll cover her Elvira, Nier Automata, Zelda, Mario and more work in future, but for now we’re going current affairs with one of gaming’s hottest right now, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7.

As said in the title, this is going to be NSFW, or put another way, an incredible piece of erotic cosplay art from one of its finest artists. Enjoy…

You can pick up the Tifa erocosplay hardback photobook from Helly’s Etsy site here.

Also be sure to check out Helly everywhere, maybe easing your way in with Instagram right here.

Covid-19: A Message of Hope

Incredible Female Kratos Cosplay by Octokuro

If you’re not familiar with Octokuro, shes a Suicide Girls model with an incredible repertoire of all sorts of cosplay. Here we’ve got her as the God of War himself, Kratos, from the 2018 PS4 game…


Vampirella 50th Anniversary Lithographs

Vampirella at 50 years old must be the ultimate cougar. To celebrate this, and her 50th anniversary in general, Lucio Parrillo’s iconic covers for Vampirella #21 and Vampirella #30 have been made available as high quality lithograph prints.

If you’re lucky you might still be able to pick one up for $49.99 or equivalent at your favourite comic book store, but if not, here’s what you’re missing…

Evil Dead Necronomicon Bikini

The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, Evil Dead’s Book of the Dead, gives the reader the power to control the dead, the Deadites and summon demons. Assuming they can read Sumerian.

Slightly easier to get the most out might be a wonderful Necronomicon bikini like the one in this post. Eventually. Conveniently made from moulded silicon rather than flesh, it looks stylish, and if it’s anything like my moulded silicon Necronomicon DVD set (photographed here just to heighten your sexual tension), it will feel really nice and squishy if you give people a prod while you’re wearing it!

Unfortunately, like my lovely limited edition DVD here, you’re going to struggle to get hold of one. Looks like it’s all sold out on the Bloodlust Productions Etsy shop but I’ll bet if you contact them they can do something cool for you!

And here’s the pics you’re actually here for…