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Very Offensive Party Game

If your having a party this Christmas, be politically correct and get a game in that everyone can enjoy… Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Disturbing Christmas Picture

I like this post-modern twist on the traditional nativity scene.


Dirty Thanksgiving Turkey

Like most American holidays, I don’t fully get Thanksgiving, but I know it involves eating Christmas stuff a month early.

To wish my American viewers all the best for whatever it is they’re actually celebrating, here’s a turkey with some nice Dunkin Donuts inspired trimmings; the obese American dream!


Norma Stitz: World’s Largest Breasts – Official!

I warned you!




HORSEMILK – Messed-up Hentai

No idea what the big picture is here, but this is Hentai at its most nuts!

What the fuck is the horse all about and what’s it supposed to be doing?

Hentai is used as slang in Japanese for “weirdo” or “pervert,” and whoever comes up with this shit certainly fits the bill!


Most Disturbing Thing You’ll See Today (NSFW)

Don’t say you weren’t warned…


If That’s His Mum… Sick!

If that’s his mum, he has a problem!

On the other hand, she is a MILF, so why not?


Two Really Fat Naked Women in a Shower!

I bet you didn’t believe me!

But it’s alright, apparently, like my last post, it’s also art, this time by artist Yossi Loloi.


Human Art. With Tentacles!

Apparently art, by artist Monica Cook…


Holy Shit! What Happened To Her?

What. The. Fuck?