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Vampirella vs Reanimator

I do wonder how I miss things like this… for almost two years it seems!

This is a 4-part crossover from Dynamite, where you’ve got Herbert West reanimating an Aztec god of death that only a vampire woman with a bit of string for a swimsuit can stop!

And it’s all available now as a 104 page collected issue, so missing out for all that time wasn’t the end of the world. Just like the Aztec god of death. As usual, some nice cosplay covers as well as the standard sauce. Now fill your wellies with some of them…

Jason vs Jason Friday the 13th Cosplay

It could be argued that more effort went into hair and makeup here than putting together a convincing Jason Vorhees look, but stick a hockey mask on and you’re most of the way there so we’ll overlook it!

Here we have a couple of top cosplayers going head to head with similar, but very individual takes on Friday the 13th’s main man. Woman. Whatever. Enjoy!

First up we have Caram3llo Cosplay…

And in the blue corner, we’ve got your favourite and mine, Helly Von Valentine…

And I think we can agree that we’re all winners!

The Saucy Tifa Parade Keeps on Coming !

We recently looked at some sublime Helly von Valentine Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII cosplay (here), and now there’s even more to enjoy with Shirogane Sama’s take on Tifa! Enjoy…

You can support all her work on Patreon here.

Slave Leia on a Leather Sofa

In the interests of bringing balance to the force, after our recent look into Darth Leia, we need to get a Slave Leia fix!

Here she is, courtesy of Valya Leontyeva, having a nice sit down on a nice leather sofa.

See more here.

Vampirella & Red Sonja August 2020 Cosplay Covers

We love cosplay, we love comics, we love Vampirella and we love Red Sonja, so we love Dynamite’s August comic cover cosplay variants for this pair of our favourite minxes!

Vampirella #13: Seducation of the Innocent continues! In a misguided effort to help her daughter, Lilith attempts to make a believer out of the skeptical Doc Chary. Meanwhile dissention breaks out among Vampirella’s deadliest enemies, and Vampi gains a determined young acolyte. Out 9th September.

Red Sonja #8: A Children’s Crusade. Hyrkania’s food stores are empty. The king of Khitai has the ability to save them, but he will not. But what he has not considered, is that to save her people, Sonja The Red will do ANYTHING. Out 5th August.

Quiet! Hottest Metal Gear Solid 5 Cosplay Ever!

Kojima claimed he’d made a unique rather than overly sexualised character in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s Quiet. And that uniqueness has made her a hit with overly sexualised cosplayers!

This latest – and quite possibly best – example comes from the incredible Vlada Lutsak, aka V is for Vlada, aka tniwe. Seems like she gets around doing it too, but you can find her on Instagram here or Patreon here!

As a bonus, here’s a Quiet in Sniper Wolf’s skin version she did earlier!

Helly von Valentine – Priceless Zelda Cosplay (Very NSFW)

You can see why Link keeps coming back for more punishment every time there’s a new Legend of Zelda game!

But there’s more to this Princess Zelda cosplay than meets the eye, although you might argue there’s not a great deal that could possibly be left to the imagination! Actually, these glorious pics are just previews of a monthly Helly von Valentine Patreon-only set that’s sure to contain even more sauce than these!

If you’re desperate for the rest – and why wouldn’t you be – then be sure to head over here.

And here’s some bonus pics from a previous Gerudo Zelda set!

Check out more at her DeviantArt page too.

LeeAnna Vamp Boba Fett Cosplay

LeeAnna Vamp is unquestionably my favourite Star Wars cosplayer… although to spice things up I’m going to Google “Helly von Valentine Star Wars” before I finish up here and see if that can’t change my mind!

Until then, let’s check out her form. Her stormtrooper cosplay is sublime…

She’s also done a unique take on Princess Leia…

There was her gender-bending Han Solo…

Then there was the time she wore an R2D2 swimsuit!

Okay, that’s stretching the definition of cosplay a bit, so let’s finish this introduction with something proper hardcore…

Not sure anything is going to top her Sith, but I was recently intrigued to see she’d done some Boba Fett too. Having now reviewed this in minute detail, I’ve concluded that the effectiveness of the armour is questionable, but otherwise there’s not much to dislike! Credit to ModelMosa for some of these.

Oh yeah, Helly von Valentine Star Wars. It’s not her finest work (see here for that!) but she’s done a couple of things…

Darth Leia – Sith Cosplay by PurpleMuffinz

Slave Leia is the best. We all know that. But Sith Leia is a close second, and let’s face it, makes a nice change from time to time.

PurpleMuffinz is a wonderful creator of latex, cosplay and alt-fashion gear. Amen. And she can’t half model it too! You’ll find her Patreon right here and on Twitter @Purple_muffinz.

She does a mean Lara Croft too!

Street Fighter V Chun-Li Beach Statues

Here’s a couple of things you Street Fighter pervs are going to love having on display in your parent’s basement!

At only $455 each, while their limited stocks last, Sideshow and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have two new 1:4 scale Chun-Li statues…

First up is the Street Fighter V Season Pass statue.

Then we have the a Player Two Battle EX variant.

I think I got those the right way around, but you get the message if not. And you can get your dirty mitts on them from here.