All About Steve

Music lover, poet, horror freak and part-time nerd who spends too much time on his iPhone, iPad and PS4. This is where my words lie.

Lead singer of successful but controversial black punk pioneers, Robed in Desire, and sometime guest singer with punk legends The Tendons. Also a seasoned gig reviewer for Bedford’s Esquires music venue where I’ve DJ’d on and off since the early 90’s. Specialist areas include goth, metal, alternative and 80’s. And The Doors; big time!

I’m a published poet and author, although I’m perhaps now better known for more outspoken texts, some of which may well appear here!

My horror obsession spans a collection of thousands of movies and books, but can be neatly summed up by my all time favourites Plague of the Zombies from Hammer and the words of MR James. More is sure to be revealed here.

Since I first got a Commodore VIC20 I’ve been hooked on gaming, a passion reignited first by the appearance of the PS3, then set ablaze again by my iPhone and iPad, and still burning nicely with PS4. And for the time being that probably concludes most of what you’ll get here…

And a few smutty pictures and nerdy things; actually, that will probably make up most of it. Be warned!

  1. I love the website. I personally think Leia would beat Uhura (the foreplay is strong with her and she single-handedly strangled the Ron Jeremyesque crimelord Jabba the Hutt to death).

    You have most likely seen this before…

    Same set length…kind of…

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