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Messed Up Japanese Love Doll

No words necessary. Just behold…


The Bear Bedford’s Sunday Sport Letters

Through much of 1994, a group of Sunday night regulars at The Bear in Bedford wrote letters. Sounds quite cultured for a pub, right?

Where the letter writing began is a bit of a mystery; if any of the contributors happen to read this and remember, let me know and I’ll update it! Same if anyone cares to admit to writing any of these… I can’t remember what belongs to who, possibly except for one of them. 

Enough bullshit. This bunch of pervs were writing down the dirtiest thoughts they could muster every week and sending them en masse to The Sunday Sport’s problem page. Everyone paid a Pound into a kitty (kept safely on a shelf behind the bar in some sort of jar in the shape of a fox if I remember right) and the idea was that whoever got published first took the cash. 

There were probably 7-8 regular contributors and a few who tried their luck now and again, and despite the inevitable fun that was had when the week’s letters were shared and read on a Sunday night in the pub, there was never a sniff of publication. Meanwhile, the pot kept filling up with cash and the letter writers gained notoriety; in fact, at one point I remember one contributor being barred for a particularly filthy effort!

Over time though, hope of publication faded, ideas were starting to run dry, and plans were made to wrestle the money jar back from landlord Paul Shilliday’s care and party like it was 1999 – it was still five years away and we didn’t know any better at the time!

Then it happened. All at once. As usual, the group skimmed the paper for the problem page, past the movie stars who fucked chickens, the trees that arrested dwarves and reports of Hitler’s latest Moon-based activities… Past the pre-Internet mucky phone lines… And past the knockers, and knickers and more knockers. It took a few seconds to sink in, but there they were. All of last week’s letters (two of which were penned at 7am on Sunday morning in a McDonalds after a particularly savage night in London goth club, Slimelight), all on one special page. 

And how our group of authors celebrated on that day in early 1995! Actually, I can tell you how – with their own bloody money, because no one ever did see the contents of that jar! (Feel free to comment below if you like, Paul)!

You can see the page in all its glory below, plus zoomed in extracts so you can enjoy each letter and, of course, the special tribute to the lusty lads from The Bear. 

And if you’re interested, you can see a collection of the unpublished letters from one contributor who wishes to remain anonymous here:  


Lego Space Transport 918

I came across this photo of my favourite Lego set ever, so thought I’d commit it to immortality here…

This was released in 1978, according to Internet Lego nerds, but I got it for my 7th birthday the following year, which is 36 years ago next weekend at the time of writing. Very early Lego space set, made extra special by the opening cockpit and transparent gold window pieces. And came with the classic red spaceman! Here he is, and a couple of other pictures.