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City of the Dead Remake… Unwanted, But Nice Dirty Poster!

City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel in the US), like the other 99%, doesn’t need a remake.

This early poster has tits and fanny (aka pussy in the US) to sweeten the taste of shit though.


Dr Manhattan Gets BJ From My Little Pony (NSFW)

Nothing more to add…


Bianca Beachamp’s Convincing Argument Against SOPA (NSFW)

Regardless of your views on piracy, SOPA / PIPA is generally an unwelcome, draconian measure…

As highlighted by this protest piece by hot, young(ish) porn-thing, Bianca Beachamp. The cheeky flash of neatly cropped pubes really won me over to her point of view!

Only in America!!!


Hot Munster MILF Action

This may be the greatest MILF of all time, at least if you have vaguely gothic leanings like me!

Thanks to my partner in all kinds of crimes, Mr Rob Hodgson, for the find.


Awesome Live Action Lollipop Chainsaw

Can’t wait to get my mitts on this. Game looks good too!


Nude Kung-Fu Midgets With Guns

Not picking up the kung-fu vibe particularly, but what the hell!


G.I. Jason!!!

Not only is this an awesome image, but it’s also available on a very limited edition t-shirt by Fright Rags.

More info here, or just enjoy…


Flintstones Hotties as Pin-up Girls

The ultimate mail fantasy…


How to Make a Skyrim Helmet Out of Bacon



Mental Fetish Suit… Real Human Pony!

Excellent craftsmanship in that mask!