Monthly Archives: November 2011

Metallica Monopoly

Cash-in? Sellout? The most sad thing you’ve ever seen?


Scariest Female Bodybuilder Ever!

What can I possibly say?


Is This Armpit Tattoo Sexy?

She seems to think so!


Dirty Thanksgiving Turkey

Like most American holidays, I don’t fully get Thanksgiving, but I know it involves eating Christmas stuff a month early.

To wish my American viewers all the best for whatever it is they’re actually celebrating, here’s a turkey with some nice Dunkin Donuts inspired trimmings; the obese American dream!


Elvis vs Cthulu – The Greatest Film Never Made!

If it was real, I would have watched it more times than I have National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Spinal Tap combined!


Star Wars Goes Pokemon

Not really a Pokemon connoisseur, but it’s a nice pic.

Credit to the original artiste, whoever you may be.


New Underworld: Awakening Set Photo

Yes, one photo, but I’m such a sucker for Kate Beckinsale in that leather thing!


Amazing Electric Mayhem Tattoo

Better than LOVE and HATE!


Supergirl Bodypaint Cosplay

Which bits are bodypainted? Is she wearing knickers? Is she badly photoshopped onto the background?

So many questions, but the answer is always, “who cares!”


Rambo Tattoo

If I ever got a tattoo, it would be of Rambo…