Gamewank. Did You Miss That, Apple?

A couple of days ago, this new game appeared on the iPhone App Store; Gamewank is apparently from some TV show.

I wonder how it escaped the usually ultra-prudish Apple’s beady eyes? Or maybe it means something else to Americans, like “fanny” does. (I’ll never forget hearing the words “fanny-pack” for the first time when I visited Pearl Harbour)! Or maybe (please, please) they’re just lightening up.

Best of all though, a game with “wank” in it’s title apparently has a 4+ rating.

I don’t suppose it will stay up for long once they work out it’s an offensive word in genuine English, but fear not; the game certainly is absolute wank, so you won’t be missing a lot when it does inevitably disappear.


About stvnorman

Lead singer of black punk poster boys Robed in Desire, published poet and author, horror freak and part-time nerd with a penchant for retro gaming, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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