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Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars

I have to admit I’m not really up to speed with online browser games, but this fairly recent one from Adult Swim caught my peeper.

Obviously inspired by Wizard of Wor (which I am up to speed with), Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars has you slinging your silk at your buxom slaves to stop them overthrowing you, then having your wicked Sapphic way with them before they can do a runner.

It’s free so dig it out!




Gamewank. Did You Miss That, Apple?

A couple of days ago, this new game appeared on the iPhone App Store; Gamewank is apparently from some TV show.

I wonder how it escaped the usually ultra-prudish Apple’s beady eyes? Or maybe it means something else to Americans, like “fanny” does. (I’ll never forget hearing the words “fanny-pack” for the first time when I visited Pearl Harbour)! Or maybe (please, please) they’re just lightening up.

Best of all though, a game with “wank” in it’s title apparently has a 4+ rating.

I don’t suppose it will stay up for long once they work out it’s an offensive word in genuine English, but fear not; the game certainly is absolute wank, so you won’t be missing a lot when it does inevitably disappear.


Why did the chicken…

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side.

Apparently, there’s a lot of people who don’t get that joke. If you’re one of them, think death; it’s going to die. And if you’re one of them, are you shocked that after all this time you didn’t realise?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There’s always the alternative to make you feel better… Because it was stuck on the end of the pervert’s cock!

Zlata – Most Flexible Woman in the World!

This woman is seriously fucked up, but the possibilities still boggle the mind!

Farmville for Dummies

This book has possibly the most redundant title of all time:


I do hate Farmville – the video game equivalent of Coldplay – but I’m not going to rant about it here, with its spamming of my Facebook page; it’s mundanity; the lack of skill; the lack of outcome or reward; the pure mindlessness…

I’m simply going to enjoy tagging this blog with the word “Farmville” and watching the stats increase.

Pictures of the Week #18

All sorts of goodness going on this week, but I’ve still got no interest in old horse face regardless of trying to sex things up. Otherwise, we’ve got nazi dressing up for kids, goldfish bowl earrings, The Hoff and everything in-between. As always, enjoy!















Liz Hurley in a Swimsuit, Some Fruit & a Big Knife

Following my previous post regarding sauciness in The Sunday Times, it continues to attempt to plug the sexy-gap left by The News of the World by inserting a photo of Liz Hurley – in a swimsuit, spread across a kitchen surface strewn in fruit, with a big knife in her hand – into its Business Section no less. And check out the slutty heels completing the look!

I’m sure that gentlemen of a certain age will appreciate its reproduction here.


How to wind up a band on Twitter

Simply post a tweet comparing Black Veil Brides to a theoretical emo Nickelback, state how bad that is, and get it retweeted to their fanbase!


Vintage Adverts You Wouldn’t See Today!

I think these nicely complement a previous post I made on a similar subject… Some more sexist, racist, cigarette smoking ads from the past.

Freak People

I came across a handful of bizarre creatures this week…