Monthly Archives: May 2011

Super Mario Ghostbusters

Absolutely love this retro 8-bit rendition of the Ghostbusters in a Super Mario style by Jesus Castañeda


Moon Girl

This comic has everything…


Pictures of the Week #16

Demotivators, hotness of all kinds, a nice ring, the new Tomb Raider and all sorts of other nastiness in this number edition.

Creepily hot illustrations

Unfortunately the illustrators are a mystery to me, so we’re left to admire their hot, demented, but sadly anonymous art…

No fan of Cheryl Cole but…

I have no interest in reality TV, manufactured music, the cult of celebrity, or anything else this bint represents, but even so… fucking hell!


Sand Sharks Almighty!

This might top Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Dinoshark and Sharktopus. And it stars Hulk Hogan’s daughter. Peeps, this is movie history in the making!


Pictures of the Week #15

More like pictures of the month, but these babies are worth the wait…

Birthday Greetings From Bon Jovi

No idea why I’m on a mailing list to get birthday messages from Bon Jovi! Maybe they know I bought Slippery When Wet when I was too young to know any better! Anyway, I appreciate the thought all the same!


Tight Twat

Another dodgy magazine cover I saw on a late night chocolate mission during my recent trip to Dublin… This time I really appreciated the indication of a “tight twat!”

Hot BP Olympic Promo Card

Not sure about what’s on the inside counting, but the outside’s not too shabby and neither is my photo!