Monthly Archives: April 2011

Cthulhu Does Cartoons

I know there’s a few of these kicking around, but here’s a selection of my favourite cartoon characters that have been Cthulhu’d up.

Sniff my Knickers

I’d like to say I don’t usually take photos of dodgy magazines on shop shelves, but it’s becoming an increasingly regular occurrence!

Last month’s copy of Bizarre really made me laugh! I love the instruction to “sniff my knickers.”

Here’s the pic I discreetly took!


Robed in Desire Live After 14 Years

Yes, it’s been a while, but we are about to return. And what a way to do it!

Visit for more.

Or visit the sites on the poster for tickets!

Happy Easter

Here’s a yummy piece of chocolate to get you in the mood!

Surfing Pikachu

Love this piece of Pikemon art by Demiurgic. See for more.

1st Image From New Rob Zombie Film

Judging from the first image from the new Rob Zombie film, I’m guessing it won’t be big on laughs!

Have I Caught a UFO on Film?

My mum lives across the road from the Cardington Hangers in Bedfordshire, UK – once famous for the likes of the R101 and more latterly for being where films like the last Batman or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were filmed.

For the last few weeks though, airships have reappeared again, and last Thursday I took a picture of the new Good Year one being tested.

As is often the case from an iPhone, it looks like it’s miles away, but the setting sun makes it a fairly nice picture anyway. You can see the airship in the sky on the left. But what’s the thing in the air next to the hangar on the right?

My first thought was bird, but I couldn’t see anything that would explain it when I looked up from the screen. The proportions look odd too for it to be a bird, but I’m no expert!

I’m not a UFO nerd either though, so over to you to decide!

Pictures of the Week #14

My regular pic dump with all sorts of freshness this week!