Monthly Archives: February 2011

Pictures of the Week #12

A classic take on a classic photo, plus other funny and freaky stuff I’ve seen this week.

New Lynx Ads… I’m Nearly Buying It

Dear Lynx, if only your product was more effective and smelled better, then this would definitely hook me into your brand. Great effort though!

When The Wind Blows… Page 3!

This was a fortuitous moment I had in a local Co-Op shop. A really windy day combined with a newspaper stand near the open door to provide a visual treat!

My trip to Germany in three pictures

This week’s trip to Munich, summarised by Heathrow Terminal 5, a Munich pub sign and the moon from the flight home.

How to launch a magazine (NSFW)

Genius. Get Kelly Brook to pose completely starkers, cover her in blood, and charge about fifteen quid a copy! Well done, Exhibition!



A special Valentine’s message

This is from my heart!

Council Cocks

The quicker all this cost cutting happens and morons like this are made redundant the better!

Pictures of the Week #11

A great sex toy, some sexy people and a very sexy spider! And disco Jesus.

The New Megan Fox Armani Advert

Buying a pair of Armani jeans was quite low down on my list of priorities when I saw this advert! Advertising fail!