Monthly Archives: October 2010

John Carpenter’s Darkchylde teaser

Must admit I don’t really know much about the Darkchylde comics, but anything that’s good enough for John Carpenter is good enough for me! Here’s a teaser picture released for Halloween.

All you need to know about America

A picture paints a thousand words.

Pictures of the Week #4

In this episode, a comic that never was, the best Batman costume ever, creepy old Halloween costumes and other cool, funny or bizarre stuff!

Big Tits Zombie

I took this cap from classy Far Eastern horror, Big Tits Zombie. In my vast horror experience, it’s the first time I’ve seen a female zombie develop a fanged vagina then throw flames out of it!

More new Hipstamatic pics

Some that Pixelpipe didn’t upload fast enough for my last post.

Some new Hipstamatic pics

Still experimenting but getting better!

Pictures of the Week #3

More pics that tickled my fancy recently. The mental Halloween costumes really made me laugh!

Selection of Vintage Sexist Adverts

The one about blowing fag smoke in a woman’s face is a particular favourite.

Renewable Girls Calendar

As someone deeply involved in the technology behind various green energy initiatives, I was particularly intrigued by the new Renewable Girls Calendar, apparently intended to “shift the public perception of renewable energy away from left leaning or crunchy, and instead making it mainstream, sexy and fun.”

Fun indeed. Visit to order yours! Renewable Girls

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Bad fashion choices

A short series of particularly bad fashions from the seventies I’m guessing.