Ghost Face in the Air?

I’m hardly a paranormal investigator, but I seem to have developed a knack for photographing the strange!

The other day I posted a photo on Facebook, one of two I took just before landing on a plane from Duesseldorf, Germany, on it’s way into London’s Stansted Airport the night before. (Don’t tell Air Berlin)!

After a couple of complimentary comments, I mentioned that I should ‘Photoshop out’ the reflection, to which someone replied, “What, the ghostly face?”

I was talking about the one in the top left corner, so I looked again and saw what he meant! The top left reflection is there in the second photo I took from exactly the same position; the ‘other one’ in the propeller isn’t.

Ghostly face or reflection? You decide!

About stvnorman

Lead singer of black punk poster boys Robed in Desire, published poet and author, horror freak and part-time nerd with a penchant for retro gaming.

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